Monday, December 29, 2008

Why Add a Blog to Your Web Site?

I design Classic Web Sites for creative people and during the development process the client often asks how they can reduce the need to update their site. "My passion is to create," they say, "not to update a web site." You do still need to make that site current - there's nothing worse than out-of-date information.

My suggestion is to link a blog to their site. Once the basic information is up at your site it shouldn't need constant changing or nurturing. Of course images and info should be kept fresh, but a blog, being fluid by nature, is a great way to supplement it.

A blog is an online diary, with text and pictures you add as entries. Each new entry appears on top of the previous one on a scrolling page. Older entries are archived. Look around at some blogs online and see how creative people work with their blog as a format that provides up to date information as well as being a place to share common experiences with similar-minded artists. I've never made/ published a blog before but have found it to be fun and easy to create. I'm sure you will, too. ~ Geraldine

Friday, December 26, 2008

Photography in the Kennebunks

This area of Maine is heaven for photographers, with the coastal waters and their harbors as well as inland rural scenes so perfect for year-round photography.

This year I partnered up with my friend and neighbor Jodi ( we create fine art photographs as the Kport Pixel Chicks) and we sampled a variety of venues for selling our art photographs. A gathering for a specific trade group was not a success for us because the attendees did not seem interested in the small group art show going on only feet away. This taught us that a show that catered to a specific interest would be more rewarding. Jodi takes a lot of photos of wildlife, particularly of shore birds, so perhaps a show that caters to nature lovers would be better.

A problem with mounting any day- or weekend-long show is that you need a lot of inventory to show and realistically only have the expectation of selling a few pieces. So are outdoor shows or fairs the way to go? Not for me, primarily because I wouldn't do one a month or every weekend during the high season. It takes a lot of preparation, inventory and and dedication to work these shows.

I'll try another way. . .

This photograph was taken at Cape Porpoise, just beyond Kennebunkport, Maine. I then worked on the digital image with various filters, in layers, in Photoshop.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My Favorite Brush

I've been using the Winsor and Newton Sceptre brushes for over ten years for detailed work in gouache. These brushes are not expensive and keep their points for some time. My favorite brush, a 101, size 1, is so tired the ferrule and brush keeps falling off the handle, but as it's about ten years old I think that's allowable. And the paint on the handles hasn't cracked or peeled off any of these brushes, despite me leaving my brushes lying on damp paper towel when I'm painting.

The 101 is a round. The 202, called the Designer Round, has slightly longer bristles.
Winsor and Newton Sceptre Gold Brushes
Winsor and Newton's Sceptre Gold brushes combine sable hair with a special blend of synthetic fibers to produce a brush that approaches the performance of pure sable, yet at a moderate price! Each Sceptre Gold brush has a copper-colored handle and a seamless, gold-colored ferrule.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Aikman Design

Welcome to the new Aikman Design Blog. I have created this blog as a place to share images and information.

I wear several hats, including illustrator. In Dec. 08 I created the art for the cover of the Tourist News, the arts and entertainment newspaper published in Kennebunk, Maine. I also work as the graphics editor at the seasonal paper, and handle all of the incoming images and make sure that the ads conform to our parameters.

I love to share technical information, PR tips and other helpful stuff, so be sure to check back to see my latest posts. ~ Geraldine