Saturday, May 9, 2009

Use Photos for 4x6 Promotional Handouts

Looking for a new promo idea? Considering the many online photo-processing sites that offer cheap 4x6 photos, consider making a photo-promo. This can be created in Photoshop or any photo program.
Start with a 4x6 layout, copy a picture into it, type your name and contact info on top, flatten layers, save as photopromo4x6.jpg (e.g.).
I upload to Winkflash, Shutterfly, Snapfish, Sam's Club photo, Target, York Photo, Clark Photo ( or any of the many online photos shops. Once you've signed up for any of their services, make sure you click on a box to indicate you'd like promo information via email. The week I'm writing this Winkflash has a sale on any amount of 4x6 photos for 6 cents each. Mailing costs are low as a rule (most photos come with the name of the file and the company in a line of text on the back).
TIP: You can also have your pictures printed on 5x7s or fit two per 5x7 and cut it in half yourself.
TIP: Make sure that your lettering isn't too close to the edge!
Great for handing out at shows or other venues.