Saturday, June 27, 2009

PR Needs Proper Titles

I recently read that a huge proportion of blogs are started . . .and then abandoned. It could be because if there isn't a lot of action one does feel as though one is talking to oneself. Luckily, I don't mind talking to myself.

I'm preparing to offer a short course in PR for artists - writing articles, preparing images, naming files. I recently spoke to some artists who never considered that newspaper editors have hundreds (or thousands) of emails coming in with ads, articles, PR and images.

Having been on the newspaper's side of the story, I can tell you it can be a nightmare if those incoming files aren't titled properly. For instance, calling your ad "Ad for the Courier.pdf" isn't going to win you any brownie points with The Courier.

Let's say you are submitting PR for your Clay Guild. You need to name all of your files appropriately: clayguild_julyshow_2col.pdf; janesmith_potofmanycolors.jpg. The same goes with your email subject line (Clay Guild Summer Show July 3-6 PR) and the word document (clayguild_showinfo_70309).

You don't need to keep files all lower case with underscores, but that's my preference. Just be short and descriptive. Add captions in a word doc (I save as .rtf). Copy the content of all PR into the body of the email as well as attaching it. That way the recipient can review the content quickly and file it in the right place.

And if you don't comply? Then the chance of your PR/article/image getting in the newspaper reduces significantly.
Hope these tips help you!