Wednesday, February 24, 2010


This is my newly revised home page. I had to simplify it because I kept on adding new pages and links. Web pages and sites do need updating and I advise you mark a date to review your site on your calendar. Maybe in January or in your downtime. You can print out your current website and mark up revisions at the kitchen table.

Also, check out other sites and see which elements you like that you don't have. Maybe a colored background, an interesting collage, some white space would add interest to your page.

If you have a constantly changing schedule of events you can have a brief description of your shows and add a link so interested parties can email you for the show schedule. Then your site doesn't have to be changed every month.

And I have mentioned in a previous blog entry that you can use a site like Flickr to upload and show your current pictures. That way you can keep your web site as a showcase that doesn't need too much updating.


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